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Our approach to rodent control is simple but effective. Our trained technicians have a full

knowledge of rodent habits and biology. Elimination of sanitation deficiencies and a thorough

inspection of areas that rodents frequent are only a part of our treatment process. Mice and

rats both contaminate food and living quarters with their urine and excrement. Our customized

treatments ensure that appropriate control is achieved. We also provide sanitation programs to

help promote a healthy living environment.

Our 5 Hour Turnaround Service requires the shortest downtime and gives you peace of mind in

the process. This service includes both preparation and extermination. After the unit is prepared

and the laundry is removed the exterminator will come in and treat the space. The unit will be

treated when the laundry is removed because once everything has been cleared out it is much

easier for the exterminator to do an effective job. After the laundry is completed, it is re-bagged

and returned to the unit. This concludes the first treatment.

Our 3C treatment is specifically designed to eliminate cock roach infestations. Our thorough

cock roach crack and crevice treatment has been proven to be very effective. While sprays and

fogs call for occupants to vacate the vicinity for long periods of time, our 3C treatment can be

performed while tenants are home.

3C Treatment

Rodent Control

5 Hour Turnaround

Our entire team of technicians, service personnel, and office staff is dedicated to providing our

customers with a clean healthy pest free environment. Our technicians are trained in the latest

IPM techniques and are well acquainted with pest habits and biology. This extensive knowledge

affords us a non chemical option in situation where the pest activity in minimal. If however, a

chemical treatment is deemed necessary our qualified team will select the least toxic chemicals

that are guaranteed to discourage pest activity.

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