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Who we are - take a look

Buggin Out Pest Control is a full service pest control company headquatered in the northeast region of New Jersey. We operate in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvannia and Virginia. The company is owned and operated by the President, Edward Roberts and Vice President, Rashan Williams.

Buggin Out uses Integrated Pest Management practices in-line with industry standards of promoting the well-being of the environment and customers. This allows Buggin Out to have a more comprehensive approach to pest control. All pest control technicians are taught pest biology. Instead of just spraying or trapping, we actually take a holistic approach to prevention and management of pests, not just elimination.

Meet the Owner

Edward Roberts


Mr. Roberts has over 10 years of Property Maintenance experience. His professional and business experience has given him direct experience with many of the pest control issues facing residential and commercial properites. He has had a unique look at many of the issues facing property management companies and building owners. He has developed a committment to aleviating the problems and concerns of his customers in the industry he serves.

Providing skills

Our experienced technicians bring many years of experience to each job. The combined yearly experience of our top exterminators is 10 years. Each technician is skilled in their own specialty, so they have more knowledge and experience in their specialty. This allows for effective treatment especially when the pests are persistent. Below you will find the percentage of years experience we have treating the following pests.

Termites 80%

Bed Bugs 100%

Rodents 80%

Cockroaches 80%

Ants 70%

Bee Hive Removal 60%

Our Goal is to provide the Highest Quality of Service and to treat every customer as our top priority!

We are Devoted

We love what we do. So, it is important to us for things to be done right. We are completely devoted to pest elimination. Pest control is only effective when there is cooperation between us and the resident.

We take the time to educate our customers on the necessary steps needed for pest elimination. We also educate our clients on how to prevent re-infestation of persistent pests. That's devotion!

We are Driven

We say no to complacency. We say no to the same ol', same ol'. Everyday we learn new ways to serve our customers' needs better.

If we aren't getting better we are falling behind and failing our customers. Edward Roberts

We are Different

We are committed to the peace of mind of our customers. Most companies do work with no concern beyond the after effects. We take the time to educate our customers. They are not just another job, just another paycheck. This dedication is the difference between us and them. We are:

  • Committed to Customer
  • Committed to Pest Elimination
  • Committed to Customer Education

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