Our Services

No matter how intimidating your pest problem might seem, the experts at Buggin Out have the solution you need! We offer quality services that are guaranteed to give you much-needed relief from pests.


Roach Control

When it comes to cockroaches, these disgusting critters are at the top of everyone’s unwanted guest list. These fearless creatures like to hide in the dark, moist secluded areas of your home and are able to adapt to any environment. Because they are scavengers and seek out food, crumbs, and leftovers inside trash cans, sewers, and drains, they pick up nasty germs and spread them throughout your surfaces. These bacteria-ridden insects have been known to transmit salmonella, dysentery, and other harmful diseases. Allergens are dispersed by cockroaches causing allergic reactions in tons of people. Protect your family and home with fast, reliable service with Buggin Out’s cockroach treatment designed to target roaches and their habitats.


Residential and Commercial Pest Control

Pests can easily sneak inside through entry points that you didn’t even know existed, putting your home and family at risk. It’s not easy to eliminate them on your own, but our expert exterminators are here to help! We’ll target pests at their source and schedule recurring visits for the best results. You’ll see results—we guarantee it!

Our residential pest control includes:

  • A free initial inspection to find where pests are hiding.
  • Year-round treatments to keep your home protected.
  • Free re-treatment if pests return within 30 days after treatment.
  • Next-day service so you never have to wait for relief.

Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bug infestations can happen to anyone, no matter how neat and tidy your home is. Bed bugs hitchhike into your home on your clothes, in luggage, and on secondhand furniture. While DIY treatment options might seem promising, they can actually make the infestation worse. For real results, trust our proven bed bug control. Our exterminators will eliminate bed bugs, as well as shrink wrap and remove infested furniture if needed.


Rodent Control

Sharing your space with rodents isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s also dangerous. Rats and mice can carry over 35 dangerous diseases, cause allergic reactions, and increase your chances of fire by chewing through electrical wires. The best way to protect your home and family is with our rodent control. We target mice and rats at their source to quickly remove them and give you back peace of mind.